Update 2012

So…. it has been a long time since I posted here. A very long time and so much has happened. First off my partner and I are still together. She is in the final stages of transition. She has had FFS, BA, body sculpting, electrolysis, moved to a new city and a new wardrobe!

The crippling depression and suicidal thoughts have largely abated. Things are not perfect but are getting better.

I never thought people would actually read this blog then I found that people had commented. I remember as a partner desperately searching for information that related to me and how I would feel. I tend to forget that other people are still discovering that their partner is transgender. Now all this time has passed and I feel that I am much more able to write about this stuff. I was too emotionally caught up in it at the time to continue writing a blog.

So hopefully stay tuned.

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