Life goes on…..

Again I thought I would get around to posting more but it doesn’t seem to have happened.

My partner now has a full-time job working in an LGBT research area and no one knows that she is transgender. It is interesting to hear how her work colleagues respond to various issues around LGBT people and the mis-information that they parrot. For example…. all trans people don’t “pass”. Also my partner has to deal with a lot of depressing medical statistics like 20% of trans people in our country have HIV or Aids. That is worse than some places in Africa. I call bulls##t on those stats as many trans people no longer identify as trans once they transition and melt into society. 

I often wish I could be more “pro” trans and get rid of many myths without outing my partner. A good friend of mine had never met my partner but professed a litany of beleifs one drunken night about how he thought trans people never “passed” and were always outsiders. Almost a year later he met my partner and I introduced her as my flatmate. He then asked “so where is your partner tonight” and I replied “you just were speaking to her”. He as was totally blown away and it made him realised how wrong he had been about trans people.


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