Finding the “right” Treatment

I think my last post was a little depressing and not everyone feels this way. So on to a new subject… Let’s be clear before I start this. There is no “right” treatment for everybody. There is simply on the “right” treatment for YOUR partner.


What do I mean by treatment? Everything from professional medical care, counselling, hair removal, voice, surgeons, make-up, clothes etc…..


It is really HARD to choose a “good” or “right” professional. There are so many factors; location, cost, personality compatibility, co-morbidity factors, style, availability of services …. and the list goes on. The reason that I am writing this post now is that my girlfriend is currently trying to find a good electrologist (again), skin treatment clinic, hair dresser, scar treatment and SRS surgeon. 


All professional people are variable in their abilities to help you. Some hair removal treatments are amazing for some (laser) but don’t work for others. The laser technician may offer you the world only to have it fail because you have lighter hair and skin. Perhaps the electrologist recommended to you gave you scarring? Or the anti-balding treatment just didn’t work. Sometimes you can spend hours upon hours of research and still get no-where or make a good choice or make a “bad” choice.


There are some simple steps to helping your partner find a good…. whatever they need.


1. Referrals by word of mouth or from TG boards. These can be problematic simply because people have bias, technicians change and simply that technique or technician might not be right for you.


2. Research. Your (or your partners) own private research will be your friend. If it is hard to find specific answers then ask around (see points 1 and 2!). For example laser vs electrolysis. If you are informed then you can call BS on bad advice/ promo from a technician. And don’t use them. 


3.Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Call or email. Ask… what sort of product do you use? How is it better? What guarantee can you give? How many people have you treated? What is the procedure like? Be an informed consumer because knowledge is power. 


4. If the treatment isn’t working for you don’t persist. Find someone else. Sometimes you only have one shot at it (SRS, hair replacement or FFS) so if you don’t like what the technician is saying then trust yourself.


5. If you have high expectations an want to be a specific way then try to let go of those expectations. The reality is the more specific you want something the less likely it will be that way and the more likely you will be disappointed. Technicians are not miracle workers. Expect moderate to good success but hope for the best. But don’t be afraid to complain if something goes drastically wrong! 


If cost is an issue then it is better to save and go for better quality than go to someone cheaper and worse at what they do. You can go to a bad hairdresser and the hair will grow out. You can’t change something permanent.

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  1. peter says:

    You have to be one of the coolest Girlfriends ever!

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