Being thankful and having a laugh

I have been feeling quite depressed lately and it has made me realise that I still have a lot in life to be thankful for. I try to focus on the good things in my life and do things for me. This attitude has helped me throughout my partners transition. Being thankful for a job (even when I hated it, it paid the bills!) or going for a walk in the sunshine. Having some delicious food and sharing it with my partner. Having a loving community and friends and family.

When life gets stressful don’t let go of what makes you enjoy it. Too often we can lose ourselves in stress and worry when we need to focus on what is positive, no matter how hard that is. For me, I write lists of tasks and make sure that I do them. I also try to avoid or limit situations that explicitly aggravate stress, depression and anxiety.

Laughter is also another easy way to be thankful. Having a deep laugh or a good chuckle can really help you become aware of how you feel and relate to the world. The most serious of moods can be elevated by a slight amusement.

Maybe this post seems silly and obvious. But today, for me, it is what I think I need to hear!

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