It’s SRS/ GRS time…..

So it’s finally going to happen. My partner is going to have GRS in 2 months. For the sake of ease I will divide this post into 4 sections. 1) The place of surgery 2) How I feel about it 3) How my partner feels about it and 4) children….

1) So my partner chose Montreal with Dr Brassard for a few reasons. She has already had been to Thailand for a BA and whilst she liked it she was not overly enthused at the treatment of some (not all and this is not by any means dissing surgeons and their facilities in Thailand) of the patients who had complications and the after care procedure. From her FFS experience it is obvious that she needs a lots of after care help. She scars easily, has complications from stitches and does not cope well with pain. I am not in any position to be so involved with her aftercare again as I was with FFS and so to Montreal it is. They provide 24hr after care for the post surgery 10day period and have a suture specialist. So instead of the much famed “Chonburi Organ” she has chosen a more practical less intensive SRS model. Let’s hope it goes well!

2) How do I feel? Well to be perfectly honest I don’t care that much. I really want the surgery to go well for her. I would hate it if she was no longer orgasmic or there were major complications. However as far as penis goes, the truth it we don’t have sex much anymore anyway. That ship sailed long ago. Sure, I miss vaginal penis sex, but I like lesbian sex too so hopefully sex will only get easier. I miss sex. A lot. And also I want to be able to go swimming with her and all that stuff. It is kinda exciting actually!!

3) She feels f#$%%@^ nervous. She says “it’s time for it to be gone, I am ready” but is so very very nervous about loss of sensation, complications and all the rest. She would be devastated if anything happened to her.

4) Children. We just went to a fertility specialist but my GF had sperm banked before so the Dr recommended to just stick with the sperm she has. There is a procedure that can be done before SRS that sucks the sperm out of the testicles with a big needle. OUCH!

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